Sweden rock online sexual predators

There were several cases of large gangs surrounding mostly intoxicated girls/women and molesting them." In Kalmar, where people had gathered in the square, Larmtorget, to celebrate, several girls were subjected to sexual molestation.So far, 16-17 complaints have been filed to the police.

Political decisions are not supposed to be made by the police.When the Social Democrats lost the election in 2006, he was appointed Director General of the Immigration Service (2007-2011); then became Director General of the Social Security Service.In January 2015, he was appointed National Police Chief."Eliasson made it clear that the minister would publicly renounce me if I did not tone down my criticism.I perceived this as undue influence." As head of Social Services, Eliasson tweeted in February 2014 that the mere sight on TV of the Sweden Democrats' party leader, Jimmie Åkesson, made him physically sick.

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