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“You feel for our players, you feel for those kids. On 29th November Sir John Parker’s report to inform the UK National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) was published.Pointedly Admiral Jones has rejected the suggestion the RN had been “too picky and demanding” in the past.Unfortunately the Civil Service is not known for its agility and enthusiasm to implement radical internal structural changes.

With a game left, the team’s 50 penalties are its most in at least a decade.Oversight from a special projects office, staffed by skilled and incentivised project managers with experience in the commercial world has been successful.This system would need refinements to work more broadly but it does demonstrate when there is enough urgency, commitment and political will, complex naval projects can be completed on time and budget. I mean, I wake up every day and I thank the Lord for giving me the ability to play football in the first place. Unfortunately, it just went the wrong way today.”In the span of two seasons, a familiar script has been upended: Army is the top program in this rivalry, not just owners of a winning streak but the better team in the standings — beating San Diego State in the Armed Forces Bowl would give the Cadets their most wins in a two-year span since 1945-46, when Mr. Outside made Army the most dominant program in college football.“It was another classic game,” Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo said. Once unbeaten and ranked in the Amway Coaches Poll, Navy will limp into the postseason losers of six of seven, all but two by single digits.It might have been fitting that mistakes doomed their cause against Army.

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But someone has to win this game; someone has to lose. To lose close games is rare for Navy, which with a commitment to the running game, ball control and avoiding turnovers has often lulled opponents into crucial errors. Statistically — especially when judged by the key metric of yards allowed per play — this has been among the weakest defenses in recent program history.

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