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We recommend payments be made by direct deposit or BPAY for your convenience and to further reduce your bank fees.Your cruise consultant is an expert on lay-by plans and can answer all your questions! Browse 418 Carnival Spirit cruise reviews from our guests, benefit from their tips & stories. Follow our Facebook Event links in the list of sailings to chat with your fellow cruisers, pre-plan meetings, dinners, tours & more. Click for details Link up with fellow passengers booked on your cruise to plan & pre-book your own shore excursions, tour guides, taxis etc.They are designed with the lowest instalments possible while still meeting the cruise line payment deadlines.

What she lacks in ship board experience is more than made up for with her enthusiasm for cruising and helping her clients gets the most from their holidays.Larger sensors also make it easier to get soft, out-of-focus backgrounds.When it comes to DSLRs, there’s two options for sensor sizes.That doesn’t mean you should stay away from smaller brands though; Pentax also makes some great cameras with features like weather sealing that are tougher to find at a similar price point from the bigger manufacturers.When you take a digital photograph, light enters through the lens, then hits the sensor—it’s that sensor that records the image. The sensor in your smartphone’s camera is very small, while a DSLR sensor is much larger.

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