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Well, it looked that way to me; he even moved his arm in the window, and it looked like he tweaked her nipple.She grabbed his tie and kissed him like I remember from our dating days just over twenty-one years ago.BR Why is it that every one of these cheating wives is every man's wet dream? To me, yes she is, she is beautiful, sexy and can raise a hard on me with just a look. She is forty-three years old, 5'-4" and weighs probably 150 or 160; she has mousy brown hair with some touches of grey, but I see what her love of her children and me is inside her; her personality.

I probably wouldn't have thought a bit about it, until he leaned into the window of her car and kissed her with a scorcher.

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Maybe on the outside she may not be everyone's dream woman, but she is mine.

Well, she was until I saw her coming out of the Red Roof inn a yesterday with Karl Silver, her boss.

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Once I could breathe normally again I called in to work and said that I had something that didn't agree with me for lunch, and I needed the afternoon off.

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